How ‘Contract Flight Crew’ leasing works:

There are two methods of employment that companies can use to engage staff for their needs, direct or contract. Both of these can then also be divided into either temporary or permanent work. Companies can then elect to either do this themselves or outsource to specialist agencies.

When an agency (broker, crew leasing company) is contracted to supply crew, there are also several choices by which crew can be engaged to fulfil the requirement. The suitable crew member may be taken on as an employee of the agency or as a self-employed contractor.

The decision that guides this is based on several factors. The most important of which, is the prevailing employment legislation of the countries involved and also the expected duration of the contract. A short term requirement of, for example, up to 6 months is unlikely to be done on an "employment" basis.

After agreement is reached between the client company and the agency on the terms and conditions of the contract, the agency will then proceed to recruit suitable candidates for selection.

Upon successful selection a crew member will then be contracted. If it is a "permanent" or temporary ‘direct’ contract, the crew member will receive a contract from the client company, and if agreeable will sign and join that clients staff. The agencies involvement ceases at that point.

If it is as a "contractor" then the agency will issue the contract to the crew member. In this situation the crew member reports operationally to the client, however all personnel issues are handled by the agency.

How do Employment companies  find crew:

Contract crew members will usually come to us via one of several methods, either by introduction (networking, recommendation etc.), via a web search or due to specific advertising. In any case we will always ask prospective crew to submit their full application and CV here, so that we may gather the relevant data that we need to continue with any application. Once we have collected this information, we can conduct a ‘relevance assessment’ of your CV to ascertain whether we have any current vacancies that fit your profile. At this point we will make direct contact with you, to discuss opportunities. This is why it is essential to keep your personal profile up to date with current contact details, and changing circumstances such as increasing flight hours and new type ratings. Please do not worry if we do not contact you immediately, as vacancies change on a day to day basis, and although your profile may not fit a specific vacancy at this time, this may change rapidly.

If you are applying for a specific position, our system will already have alerted us to this, enabling an enhanced response time. Many of our contracting pilots and cabin crew have worked on more than one contract with us, and we pride ourselves on developing a close relationship with our crews.

However, as is the nature of flight crew leasing work, it is often arranged at short notice, meaning that we will be supplying suitably qualified and current crew, who are ready and available immediately. Therefore, we must ask that all applicants registering on our website for specifically advertised positions fulfil the basic criteria as outlined in the advert.

For general applications we would request the applicants to be:

  • A suitably qualified pilot, flight engineer or cabin crew member, with demonstrable commercial experience
  • Licensed by either JAA, FAA or an ICAO organisation.


February 24, 2020

Company Birthday


PAS Aviation Group turned 22 on 23rd February 2020 - Congratulations!

July 09, 2019

PAS grows in the Nordics and Baltics!

In order to manage the development of aviation solutions provided to a number of airlines across the region, PAS has increased its staff levels operating from the Tallinn Office. 

September 04, 2018

Tallinn Office Opening


PAS Aviation International OÜ now open to business

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