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You need a pipeline survey.  You have a chimney needing inspection. But don’t know who to hire or what systems to procure.

You have a UAV and a gap in your programme with no work.

How do client and provider find each other.  The answer is RPAS Aviation “Workshop”. Workshop is a new medium in this exciting industry.  We match reliable operators and  clients and provide a professional service to make sure you are compatible.  We audit the operators, advise the clients on the best system and technology to use and then manage your transactions to bring trust and reassurance to both parties.

RPAS Aviation find the right operator with the right drone and the right sensors, join Workshop and let us solve your problems.


February 24, 2020

Company Birthday


PAS Aviation Group turned 22 on 23rd February 2020 - Congratulations!

July 09, 2019

PAS grows in the Nordics and Baltics!

In order to manage the development of aviation solutions provided to a number of airlines across the region, PAS has increased its staff levels operating from the Tallinn Office. 

September 04, 2018

Tallinn Office Opening


PAS Aviation International OÜ now open to business

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